Full name

Jacqueline McGraw


Rochester, NY


I have a few screws loose but that’s okay, I use them to build beautiful things.


I am a 22-year-old game designer studying for my B.S. in Game Design and Development at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Games have motivated me to overcome some of the greatest obstacles in my life. I have been told that one of my strongest characteristics is my ability to take negative experiences and turn them into positives ones. Helping others see their self-worth and potential is a passion of mine
In the end, with the way I look at it, just because life is advertised as a single player game does not mean that it still can't be cooperative.


B.S. in Game Design and Development

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY · 2012 – Present

The bachelor of science in game design and development allows students to explore the entertainment technology landscape and related areas, while still pursuing a broad-based university education. The degree is intended specifically for students who aspire to hold careers within the professional games industry or a related field, such as simulation, edutainment, or visualization. This degree also provides students with a core computing education that prepares them for graduate study or employment in a number of computing fields.